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Laundry Design

At Borges Design, we specialise in laundry design in Auckland, NZ. Our team has extensive experience, and we offer a full service that includes creating the design, sourcing and procuring the supplies, and managing the installation of your new laundry.

If there are bespoke elements in the design, such as bespoke laundry cabinets or units, we’ll use a manufacturer we know and trust, plus we’ll manage the process.

In other words, you can have peace of mind when you come to us that you will get a laundry that looks great and is highly practical. The process of getting it installed will be as hassle-free as possible too.

Speak to a member of our team today to find out more and to arrange a consultation.

Laundry Design Ideas

Are you looking for laundry design inspiration? Here are 10 top tips and ideas:

  • Think about what you are going to use the laundry for
  • If you are going to use it for more than laundry, factor this into the design
  • Use both closed and exposed cabinets
  • Focus on lighting to ensure the laundry is bright
  • Use all available walls, particularly if the space is small
  • Add a shelf above your front-loading washing machine and dryer
  • Make sure there is good ventilation in the room
  • Surfaces and flooring should be mould resistant and splash-proof
  • Don’t skimp on fixtures
  • Decorate with neutral tones

Don’t Neglect Your Laundry

When it comes to interior design, the laundry is often the last room that people look at. After all, its primary purpose is functional. It is a space you have to spend time in but, let’s face it, you’d probably prefer not to.

In addition, it is not a place that many of your visitors will see.

A well-designed laundry, however, can really finish off your home. It’s also important you like and feel comfortable using it while you are doing those essential tasks.

Those essential tasks are important to consider as well, as mentioned in our list of 10 tips and ideas above. Will you do the ironing in your laundry, for example, or is it in a location with a door to outside your home so will be used as an entry point by you, your family, and your dog when you are wet and mucky?

Why Choose Us?

At Borges Design, we’ll make sure you get a design for your laundry that you will love and that matches your budget. We’ll also ensure you get all the features you want. This is particularly important if we are working with a small or awkward space. In these situations, our interior designers will use their skill and knowledge of the industry to develop unique designs, features, and solutions.

These are all essential considerations for any laundry design process, and they highlight the importance of not neglecting the design of your laundry.

To find out more about our laundry design expertise, and to discuss what you want to do with your laundry, please get in touch with a member of our team by calling 0211907271.

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