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At Borges Design, we have extensive experience in luxury wardrobe design having worked on a vast range of projects in Auckland. This includes projects that involve just wardrobe design as well as renovation and interior design projects where wardrobe design was one of the elements.

We understand the importance of a wardrobe to your room. As they are such large items of furniture, they instantly become focal points and, often, centrepieces.

Poor quality design can detract from the entire room whereas quality wardrobe design enhances the space, adding charm, sophistication, and style.

Plus, there are the essential functional purposes of wardrobes to consider as well. After all, if you didn’t need the storage space, you probably wouldn’t be looking for wardrobe design services in Auckland.

Wardrobe Planner NZ

You’ve probably seen wardrobe planner software on websites in NZ. These can be a good starting point to give you a rough idea of what is possible, but they are no substitute for the work done by a professional interior designer.

Our wardrobe design experts at Borges Design will create a fully bespoke wardrobe for your room, ensuring it perfectly fits the space and matches with your room’s colours, tones, and overall design style.

At Borges Design, we’ll make sure your wardrobe has the features you need, with modern fixtures and fittings. We’ll also specify high-quality materials plus the wardrobe manufacturer we use will work to the highest standards with exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Designing Your New Wardrobe

Our interior designer will measure up the space where the wardrobe is to be fitted and they will carry out an assessment of the room to get an understanding of the style. We’ll also get details from you on how you want the wardrobe to look and the features you want it to have.

As we have extensive experience in the industry, we’ll also suggest features, both practical features and design features, that we think will make your new wardrobe even better.

Once we understand what you want, we’ll create concepts, presenting them to you for review as 3D images. Once approved, we’ll create detailed drawings to be sent to the wardrobe manufacturer.

Manufacturing Your Wardrobe

At Borges Design, we use manufacturers, suppliers, and subcontractors we know and trust. They are selected based on the quality and reliability of their workmanship. As a result, you can trust the manufacturers and carpenters we use to make bespoke wardrobes for our customers.

Installation in Your Home

Our team will oversee the entire wardrobe design, manufacturing, and installation process. This makes the project easier for you and it ensures the best possible result.

As a result, not only will you get a wardrobe that looks great and enhances your space but is also long-lasting. In fact, we’ll design a wardrobe and get it manufactured to such a quality standard that you’ll be able to pass it onto future generations of your family if you choose.

Speak to a member of our team about wardrobe design in Auckland and get a quote today.

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