Interior Design Parnell

At Borges Design, we provide a full range of interior design services in Parnell and the surrounding area. Whatever style or look you want to achieve and however big your project, we’ll create a design for your home that you will love.

We offer a full range of services plus we are an interior design company that prioritises the customer, i.e. you. We are not about mimicking the latest so-called fashion or trendy design style found in an obscure interior design magazine. Instead, we’ll create rooms and spaces in your home that reflect your personality, that you love looking at, and that you enjoy spending time in.

Home Renovation Parnell

We can also help at Borges Design if you are planning a home renovation project in Parnell. We’ll handle all the design and planning aspects, of course, plus we offer full project management services.

This includes appointing builders and subcontractors, sourcing materials, managing the budget, managing the schedule, and ensuring the work is completed according to the specification.

You probably spend lots of time in your kitchen, so it should look fantastic and it should be enjoyable and comfortable to use. We’ll make this happen with a style that matches your requirements.

Kitchen Design Parnell

We are kitchen design experts in Parnell too. We have extensive experience in kitchen design and take on all types of projects, including standalone kitchen design projects as well as projects that are part of a wider home decorating or renovating job.

Bathroom Design Parnell

At Borges Design, we can also help if you need standalone bathroom design services in Parnell. Whether you need a design that is fresh but contemporary, or you want something more modern, we’ll create a bathroom you won’t want to leave. It will be your place of relaxation and calm where you can recharge and/or get ready for the day ahead.

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