Auckland Renovation

Are you planning an Auckland renovation? At Borges Design, we’ll transform your living spaces, creating a design and layout that matches your lifestyle and tastes, Bringing you the home you dreamed of.

As we are a specialist interior design company, we can handle your entire house renovation project. This includes:​

  • Learning about you, your house, and what you want to achieve with the renovation
  • Developing concepts with 3D drawings so you can visualise what your house will look like after the renovation
  • Creation of detailed plans
  • Appointing builders and subcontractors
  • Sourcing supplies from construction materials to unique features to soft furnishings and more
  • Project managing the renovation of your house to ensure the project finishes on time and within budget
  • Quality assurance throughout the project to maintain the highest standard to finish

So, if you are in Auckland and are planning a renovation project, don’t do it alone. Call us at Borges Design and together we’ll make your house stunning.

House Renovation Company Auckland

We have extensive experience helping homeowners like you with house renovation projects in Auckland. This includes small renovations such as bathroom or kitchen renovations. It also includes larger projects such as home modernisation projects, restorations, and extension building.

As a leading renovation company ourselves, we have worked with several building companies in Auckland that we know and trust.

Why Choose Us for House Renovation in Auckland?

Renovating your house is a big undertaking both financially and in terms of the disruption that occurs during building work. As a result, it is important to get every aspect of the project right, from ensuring the design is perfect to managing the building work to adding the finishing touches.

This is what we do at Borges Design – we look after every aspect of your Auckland renovation project.

Our goal is to create a design that is spacious and modern with features that match your personality and lifestyle while adding value to your property. We are not about being trendy and cutting edge for the sake of it. If this is the design style you want, we will develop it, but most of our customers want European style and sophistication with a Kiwi twist. This is where we excel.

Finalising the design is only one aspect of a house renovation project, however. You need builders, subcontractors, and specialist suppliers to do the work on-site. You also need all the materials sourced and procured for the best possible price. We’ll make sure all these parts of the project run smoothly too.

In addition, we put a big emphasis on standards of finish. This applies right through to adding the finishing touches, leaving you with nothing to do except enjoying your beautiful, head-turning, and ultra-comfortable new home.

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W​hen we take on a project that involves the renovation of a house, we take time to get a full understanding of your likes and dislikes, your tastes in interior décor, the features you want your redesigned home to have, and more.

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